As we know, and research shows, a lack of trust results in dysfunction. Using our own cultural audit tool, we can  capture a baseline of trust in your organisation. We then assist you to identify areas for improvement, and assess the results of change. Our research shows the importance of trust to ensure a well functioning organisation.


It is very useful to have an external facilitator to assist you in your Board/Management Strategy Day. Even more useful is having someone with you form the very start of the planning process. Most useful is ensuring that everyone in the organisation understands the implications of the strategy and is pushing for success.


We’ll help you to look at your structure, see if some of your workload can be done by others (with appropriate support), check for skill gaps in your staffing, develop a plan to fill the gaps through training, coaching and mentoring.


Turn the need for change into an opportunity to build trust and teamwork. As the rate of change increases, thoughtful planning and execution of change is becoming a business survival skill.


Working IN your business achieves results for your clients, while working ON your business achieves results for you, your staff and your clients and customers.

Working ON your business helps you to stop thinking short-term. It gives you time to look back and see what has worked and what hasn’t. Then you can consider whether there are things that need to change – to build on what is working and to stop the things that aren’t working.